• Rikishi Daiginjo Shirazu Shirazu

    2022 Japan Sake Awards Gold Award Winner. The ultimate drink with exquisite flavors.
    It has a splendid aroma, silky texture, and mild flavor.

    A magnificent ginjo aroma, silky texture, as well as a mild flavor which was achieved by below-zero-temperature storage.
    An exquisite bottle in which all the elements are combined for the perfect balance of aroma and flavor.
    Made of special Awa Yamada Nishiki produced in Tokushima Prefecture, polished at 38%.
    The chief brewer and brewers stayed focused night and day, carefully watching over the sake.
    This daiginjo won a gold award at the 2022 Japan Sake Awards.


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  • Ingredients, etc.

    Ingredients: Yamada Nishiki (Made in Tokushima Prefecture)
    Alcohol Content: 17%
    Sake Meter Value: +2.2 degrees
    Rice Polishing Ratio: 38%