About Kamaya

Kamaya’s Philosophy

  • Tradition

    About 270 years of history in the making

    Omi merchant, Shinpachi Kamaya, put his eyes on Musashino’s excellent sake rice and rich water of the nearby Tone River and opened the business in 1748 at its current location, which used to be a post town on the Nakayama Road. This location offered excellent access to the major roads such as the Nakayama Road and Nikko-kaido Road, which were close to the commercial sphere of Edo.
    The brewery is now putting effort into brewing traditional sake–mainly special designation sake, taking pride in the ingredients and sparing no effort.

  • Techniques

    A never-ending development

    Because sake brewing deals with live koji and yeast, reproducing flavors is said to be difficult. In order to make delicious sake, techniques for taking complete control over the invisible koji and yeast becomes important. Since sake brewing does not have a theory where “if you do one thing, it will produce a specific result,” brewers are always put to the test. In order to deliver delicious sake, we will continue to build on our experience and traditional techniques.

  • Challenges

    The New Possibilities of Sake

    Sake has undergone a unique evolutionary process on the islands of Japan and is brewed using highly advanced techniques even by global standards. Although sake brewing was refined over a long period, there is still further potential to be reached. We believe that our corporate mission is to pass on and develop the traditional techniques but at the same time, challenge the new possibilities of sake.